Thursday, January 10, 2008

fill in the blank

you can tell alot about a person by "what kind of car they drive"

What does it say about me?
Well, it's big so that might indicate I have a family...
Might indicate confidence, some might say I like looking down on people while driving...truth is, small cars freak me out b/c of all the bigger ones out there.
It's is actually called fleckstone grey, but doesn't resemble gray to me. Brown indicates earthy, not too feminine and no need to stand out
Its an XLT but no 4 wheel drive, I like extended features, but off roading and adventure are not my thing
It's a Ford...might indicate I like American made...or that I think Chevy's suck( Don't tell my hubby)
It's got cruise control, indicates a small bit of laziness, but truth is, I never use it unless on the highway with no traffic. I tend to speed then, so I use it to keep me under the radar.

Nic says Hair and smile...


Ben said...

So which of McCain's seven cars can we learn something about him from? Obama drives a hybrid--his only car (that he shares with his wife).

Sorry, I'll leave politics out of it. Hey, what were you referring to with Obama's education though? I'd like to start investigating that.